Systems and Applications

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In fusion_place, multiple "Applications" can be placed within a single "System".

A "System" represents a grouping where user account management and license management are performed. A single database used in fusion_place constitutes one "System".

An "Application" is a collection of settings and data aimed at realizing a specific business objective. Designers can set up any number of applications. Examples might include:

  • Departmental Budget Management Application

  • Monthly Profit and Loss Reporting Application

  • Product Group Costing Management Application

Most data within a system belongs to an application, except for data related to "Licenses" and "User Accounts", which are shared across all applications within a system. There is no need to register them for each application. In other words, a single system has a structure as shown in the diagram below.

system structure

Initializing and Reinitializing the System


"Initialization" of a system refers to the automatic procedure of generating a random string called a "System Key" to differentiate the system (fusion_place database) from other systems, and recording it within that system along with the date and time information representing the moment of initialization (Initialization Date and Time).

When fusion_place is installed on a computer, at that moment, a fusion_place database is created and initialized on the hard drive connected to that computer.

The installed fusion_place does not have to use the fusion_place database that was created and initialized at the time of installation. It is also possible to use another fusion_place database that has already been initialized.


"Reinitialization" of a system involves the procedure of regenerating the "System Key" of an already initialized system (fusion_place database), recording that new key in the system in place of the pre-reinitialization system key, and erasing the license agreement information that was incorporated into that system.

Reinitializing the system does not delete or change applications or user accounts.

Reinitialization is necessary when you want to operate a copy of an existing system (fusion_place database) separately from the original. Operating or using the original and a copy of the fusion_place database simultaneously is generally prohibited under the license agreement, but reinitializing the copy allows it to be considered as a new original and permits its simultaneous operation and use with the original system. In this case, it is necessary to conclude a licensing agreement for both the original and the reinitialized copy.

System’s "Customer-Side Management Name"

Although the "System Key" is automatically assigned at the time of system initialization, the license administrator can also assign an optional "Customer-Side Management Name" to the system. This name, along with the System Key, will be included in various documents issued by the vendor (Fusions Inc.), so please assign a clear name that makes it easy for you to distinguish this system from other fusion_place systems you use.