About Port Numbers

This manual is in pilot operation.

fusion_place operates on a mechanism where client programs and web-based server programs communicate and execute processes. Even when used standalone, both the client and server reside and operate on a single computer.

To communicate with the server program, the client program needs to specify the server machine’s "port number." A port is a server-side gateway that accepts requests from clients, with each "port" assigned a "port number." Ports are virtual entities provided by the operating system and do not correspond to physical devices or terminals.

Server programs wait for requests from clients at specific ports (gateways). Generally, it is possible to run multiple server programs on a single computer (for example, a database server and a mail server). Therefore, ports are assigned to individual server programs as a means for clients to specify the destination server program.

fusion_place uses the following two ports (therefore, two port numbers are needed):

HTTP / 1.1 Connector Port

The port for regular communication

Shutdown Port

The port for sending shutdown commands to the server (rarely used in practice)

The port numbers that server programs wait on can often be specified by the user (system administrator). In fusion_place, you can specify port numbers at the time of installation. The installer’s initial suggestion values are as follows:

HTTP / 1.1 Connector Port


Shutdown Port


Although unlikely, the above ports may already be used for other purposes on your computer. In that case, you need to specify a different port number.

(1) Standalone Case

In most cases, there is no need to change the initial suggestion values. Rarely, if another software is using one of the two ports, an installer message will be displayed during installation. In that case, go back to the "Basic Settings" screen on the installer and specify a different port number. Try a port number between 49152 and 65535 (port numbers outside this range may be reserved for specific uses).

(2) Web Server-Based Case

Consult with your system administrator to decide on the port numbers that fusion_place will use on the server machine. Instead of the initial suggestion values, enter the decided port numbers.

For related information, refer to "How to Check if a Port Number is Already in Use" as needed.