Change History for fusion_place 12.1.x

This manual is in pilot operation.



Changes in this release (12.0.412.1.0) are as follows:

New Features & Improvements

Improved User Interface

(@iteman, #493)

Numerous improvements have been made to the user interface.

  • [Browser] [Contributor] Introduction of new keyboard shortcuts (Form screen)


    F5 and Ctrl+R





    Export to Excel


  • [Browser] [Contributor] [Manager] Application selection dialog that allows filtering by label and name (@YoshihikoTakebayashi, #555)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] [Manager] Customization of themes

    • Display icons in tree view (Default: Enabled)

    • Display arrow buttons in scrollbars (Default: Disabled)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] New layout (toolbar, header and content, action buttons, etc.)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] New window title

    • Display the current form name when a form is selected.

    • Display a “⚫” mark at the beginning of the window title to indicate changes if form data has been modified.

  • [Browser] [Contributor] History display and navigation execution with Back and Forward buttons (@suika-kou, @takayuki-ohashi, @chaip-taka, #506)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] [Manager] New icons (@iteman, @takayuki-ohashi, #533)

Multi-Application Drilldown

(@suika-kou, #52)

It is now possible to specify the destination application for drilldowns.

This allows drilling down into forms of applications different from the originating application.

Scenarios Excluded from Ledger Edition Management

(@sugimoto-kei, #480)

A checkbox Exclude from ledger edition management has been added to the scenario settings.

If this option is checked, the data for the scenario will be common across all ledger editions.


In addition to the above, the following new features and improvements are included:

  • In account and note dimensions, it’s now possible to specify account/increase-decrease accounts as "Value List Definition Dimension" for enumeration values. (@sugimoto-kei, @KimuraMayumi, #515)

  • Improved user account registration/update processes (@ksato-fusions, @suika-kou, @takayuki-ohashi #494)

  • Speed up member set creation processes with a new caching mechanism (@sugimoto-kei, #480)

  • Improved parallel processing performance (@sugimoto-kei, #492)

  • Replacement of Log4j 1.x with reload4j (@iteman, #537)

  • Addition of @depth and @height functions (for member selection expressions in member list definitions) (@sugimoto-kei)

  • Speed up ledger data loading processes (@sugimoto-kei)

  • [Manager] Display [Server System Environment] and [System Status] dialogs without blocking server-side processing (@sugimoto-kei)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] [Manager] Transition to [User Settings] dialog from the options menu (multi-factor authentication, password change) (@suika-kou, #532)

  • Removal of execution timeout checks for several server-side processes (application backup, application restore, application deletion, garbage data cleanup) (@iteman, @takayuki-ohashi, #542)

  • @avg and @count functions (@ksato-fusions, @KimuraMayumi, #525, #524)

  • Improved server-side log output (@suika-kou, #502)

  • Update of the operating environment from Java 11 to Java 17

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • [Excel-Link] Unable to enter codes starting with 0 in multi-factor authentication code input. (@suika-kou, @miwako-takemoto, #551)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] [Manager] Message boxes displaying errors or warnings may unnecessarily break lines at inappropriate places. (@sugimoto-kei)

  • [Excel-Link] When the "Convert date-time strings to dates" option is checked in link area settings, retrieving the value of a TEXT/String value member with certain values entered results in an Excel error "Application-defined or object-defined error." (@suika-kou, @KimuraMayumi, #544)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] In form data import, if the label of the target form contains double quotes ("), the import process log is not output. (@ksato-fusions, #485)

  • [Manager] [Web-API] Attempting to delete ledger update history when there is none results in the "Generations not exist!!" error. (@suika-kou, @chaip-taka, #502)

  • [Browser] When switching applications, the same error message may be displayed multiple times. (@suika-kou, #532)

Client Component Update Information

Versions of client-side software components included in this release, and the necessity of updates for each component due to the fusion_place server update (12.0.412.1.0) are as follows:



Update Required? (YES/no)


fusion_place Runtime Environment (FRE)






Updates are required only in environments that require the Excel-Link bug fixes mentioned above.