Settings specific to the Member Name Display Region

This manual is in pilot operation.

The settings specific to the Member Name Display Region are as follows:

(1) Member Name Display Conditions

Item Required Content

Dimension to Display Member Names

Specify (select) the dimension for which you want to display member names as follows.

Example: If you want to display account names, select #ACCOUNT.

(2) Key Assignment

Key assignment refers to the correspondence information between dimensions and key-specified cells and key-specified columns/rows. In the member name display region, it is necessary to perform key assignment for the dimension for which member names are to be displayed.

For example, in the previously mentioned sheet example, the first link region (E11:E15) is a data area, and the key assignment for this area is represented as follows.

Dimension Key-specified Column/Key-specified Row

Account / #ACCOUNT

Column B

When inserting columns or rows into the table, the key assignment registration will be automatically adjusted.

⚠ If you want to cancel the key assignment, click the button labeled X located to the right of the "Specify cells, columns, or rows" field on the "Link Region Settings" screen.