Fiscal Year Table

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About Fiscal Year

What is a Fiscal Year

A "Fiscal Year" is a one-year period for management and accounting purposes. For example, for a company that settles accounts in March, the fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. The length of a fiscal year may not coincide with a calendar year. For instance, a fiscal year could be set as half a calendar year.

The fiscal year is a management object. Administrators can include any number of fiscal years within a single application.

Order of Fiscal Years

"Fiscal Years" are registered in a list format, referred to as a "Fiscal Year Table". The order of fiscal years within this table represents the sequence of the years. Although fiscal years are labeled, note that the order of these labels (as strings) does not relate to the sequence of the years.

Fiscal Year Dimension

The contents registered in the Fiscal Year Table are reflected in the Fiscal Year Dimension (#FY).

For each registered fiscal year, a member of the Fiscal Year Dimension is automatically generated. However, a member corresponding to the oldest fiscal year (the first fiscal year) is not generated. This is because the oldest fiscal year is used only as the source of "Previous Period Balance" for the following year.

There is no parent-child relationship for fiscal years, so no tree structure is created (all members become root members).

The member type is set to "User Defined" (since the registration and deletion of fiscal years are administrative tasks, the Fiscal Year Dimension members created or deleted in conjunction are "User Defined").