Specific Settings for Data Regions

This manual is in pilot operation.

Data Region has specific settings as follows:

(1) Data Region Processing Conditions

Item Required Content

Participant Specified Cell

The address of the cell holding the label of the Participant used to determine access rights when accessing data in fusion_place.

Edition Specified Cell

The address of the cell holding the 'ledger edition key' specifying which ledger edition to access. The typical ledger edition keys are:


Public Edition


Shared Workspace Edition

For more details on ledger edition keys, see Ledger Data Edition Management.


Specifies the label of the ledger from which data is fetched or to which data is reflected.

Processing Category

Specifies whether this data region is targeted for reflection processing.

Fetch only

Targeted for fetch processing but not for reflection

Fetch and Reflect

Targeted for both fetch and reflection processes

Reflect only

Targeted for reflection only and does not fetch data after reflection.

Auto Switch Cell Lock Attribute


Specifies whether to automatically switch the cell lock attribute according to the input capability of the ledger cell during fetch/reflection processing (ON / OFF).

Furthermore, the cell color is also switched according to the lock attribute. For more details, see Cell Locking and Cell Color Switching.

Lock Color Specified Cell


Specifies the cell that will be colored to indicate a locked cell. If no lock color specified cell is chosen, the lock color will be light blue.

⚠ If you want to cancel the lock color specified cell, click the X button located to the right of the specified field.

Display Unit Cell

The address of the cell holding the display/unit number for amounts/numbers. The display unit is specified as 'Excel Sheet Unit ÷ Ledger Unit'. For example, if the ledger holds data in units of 1 yen and you want to display/input data on the Excel sheet in units of 1000 yen, set '1000' in the display unit cell.

Significant Digits


Specifies up to which decimal place to display as significant. You can specify up to 12 digits.

When fetching, the ledger amount/number is first divided by the display unit, then digits less than the significant digits are rounded off.
When reflecting, the sheet cell value is rounded off below the significant digits, then multiplied by the display unit to calculate the value.

Note that the precision of numerical data in the ledger is up to four decimal places, so when writing data back to the ledger, the result of the above calculation is rounded off at the fifth decimal place, and up to the fourth place is written back.



Specifies how to handle the fraction below the significant digits in the display unit conversion process. Select one of the following:
・Round off
・Round up

Sign Handling


Choose one of the following three methods for displaying signs when retrieving amounts/numbers onto the sheet:
・Display according to the account attribute,
・Always display as Debit+,
・Always display as Credit+

Check Data Type


If ON, display an error message if the values entered in the cells of the data region targeted for reflection are not valid according to the data type of the target ledger cell.

If OFF, no error message is displayed. In this case, if an invalid value is specified, the target ledger cell value will be reset to its default value (zero for numeric cells, blank for other cells).

Convert Date-Time Strings to Dates


If ON, upon fetching string values, it will determine if the string can be interpreted as a date-time and, if possible, convert it to a date-time and write it to the cell. Introduced in version 4.3.2. Before version 4.3.1, the processing for this item when set to ON was done, so for compatibility maintenance, for linked regions set before version 4.3.1, this item will be ON (can be changed manually).

Display Names for Enumerated/Boolean Values


If ON, for ledger cell values classified as enumerated or boolean according to Ledger Cell Data Types, names instead of values (labels) will be displayed. During reflection, the cell value accepts names, not labels.

If OFF, the value itself (label) is displayed. During reflection, the cell value accepts labels, not names.

Do Not Let Template Processing Decide Data Presence


(Only related to Template Processing)

By setting this to ON, you can deliberately prevent this linked region from being involved in determining data presence in template processing (i.e., regardless of other conditions, this linked region will not be Control Region).

Error if Data Cannot Be Reflected Due to Period Close


Effective only when the processing category is 'Reflect' or 'Fetch and Reflect'.

By setting this to ON, if data cannot be written back to the ledger under the following conditions, an error message will be displayed.

  • The target scenario/fiscal year is closed, rendering the target ledger cell unwritable (conversely, if the target scenario/fiscal year is opened, the cell becomes writable).

  • The target cell on the sheet is not 'locked', or even if it is locked, a formula is set for that cell (under these conditions, that cell is considered to be used for writing data back to the ledger).

(2) Key Assignment

Key assignment refers to the mapping information between dimensions and specified key cells, columns, and rows. In the data region, it is necessary to perform key assignments for the dimensions used in the specified ledger.

For example, in the previous sheet example, the second linked region (G15:H19) is a data region, but the key assignments for this region are represented in the following table format.

Dimension Specified key cell or
Specified key column/row


Column B


Column C

Fiscal Year/#FY

Cell C6

Relative Period/#PERIOD

Cell C7


Cell C8


Row 12

Product Division/SHOHIN

Cell C10


Cell C9

If columns or rows are inserted in the table, the registered content of key assignments is automatically adjusted.

⚠ If you want to cancel a key assignment, click the X button located to the right of the 'Specify cell, column, or row' field in the 'Settings for Linked Regions' dialog box.