Member Properties

Designer Administrator
This manual is in pilot operation.

Members have "properties," which are attributes of the members. For example, members of the Accounts Dimension have a property called "Debit/Credit Type," which specifies whether each member is a debit or credit account. In addition to predetermined "Built-in Properties," there are "User-Defined Properties" determined by the designer.

Properties are used in various settings of the application as clues to narrow down the target members, detailed in Various Settings.Built-in properties are also referenced in conditional judgments integrated into the fusion_place specifications (for example, fusion_place determines the value of "Debit/Credit Type" mentioned above to display data with the appropriate sign according to the account’s debit or credit status).

Information about the built-in properties for each dimension can be found in the List of Built-in Properties. If the designer creates user-defined properties, it is recommended to create similar documentation and hand it over to the administrator.