Procedure for Incorporating the License Agreement File

This manual is in pilot operation.

To use fusion_place in accordance with the usage license agreement, you need to incorporate the "License Agreement File" into the system each year by the start month of the fiscal year. Additionally, if you change the number of users during the license fiscal year, incorporating the "License Agreement File" is also required. When incorporating the "License Agreement File," the following 2 files are exchanged between the customer and the vendor (Fusions Co., Ltd.)[1].

Purchase Order File

This is sent from the customer to the vendor (Fusions Co., Ltd.) or their distributor. It contains details of the license agreement file that the customer requests from the vendor, including the system key identifying the target system, the number of users, start month, number of months, and other usage conditions. Despite being named a "Purchase Order File," this file is required after completing the purchase process (contract conclusion) and for annual contract renewals.

License Agreement File

This is sent from the vendor or distributor to the customer. It contains the authorization data that enables the customer to use their system according to the license details specified in the purchase order file.

The overview of the procedure for incorporating the license agreement file using these 2 types of files is as follows.

(1) Sending the System Key (after October 2022)

Send the system key displayed in the License Management Dialog to the support contact of the vendor (or distributor).

(1) Creating and Sending the Purchase Order File (before October 2022)

First, the customer creates the purchase order file (fusion_place provides the mechanism for creating it). After creation, send the file to the vendor (or distributor). The detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Specify the usage conditions according to the instructions from the vendor. (→Operations Manual "Creating a New License")

  2. Create the purchase order file based on the above license details. (→Operations Manual "Creating the Purchase Order File")

  3. Send the above file to the support contact of the vendor (or distributor).

After this, the vendor (or distributor) will create the license agreement file based on the purchase order file and send it to the customer.

(2) Incorporating the License Agreement File

Next, incorporate the license agreement file sent by the vendor into the system (fusion_place provides the mechanism for this as well).

  1. The vendor sends the license agreement file.

  2. Incorporate the license agreement file into the system. (→Operations Manual "Incorporating the License Agreement File")

This allows the customer to use the fusion_place system in accordance with the terms of the concluded contract.

1. As of version 12.0.0, purchase order files have been abolished.