Configuration Items Specific to Text Value Display Region

This manual is in pilot operation.

The configuration items specific to the Text Value Display Region are as follows:

Text Value Display Conditions

Item Description

Text Expression Required

Specifies how to construct the desired string using a Text Expression.

Several dialects are available for text expressions. Refer to the Text Expression Dialects for more details.

Convert Date String to Date/Time

If checked, determines whether the string value can be interpreted as a date and converts it to date/time before writing it to the cell.

Key Assignment

Key assignment refers to the mapping information between dimensions and Key Specified Cells and Key Specified Columns/Rows. In the Text Value Display Region, it is necessary to assign keys for the dimensions used in the specified text expression [1].

For example, if the text expression is specified as follows:

  #VIEW!@CUR.Label & "\n" & #VIEW!@CUR.Name

then key assignment is required for the #VIEW (Views) dimension as shown below [2].

Dimension Key Specified Column/Row


Row 8

If columns or rows are inserted into the table, the registered key assignment content will be automatically adjusted.

To cancel key assignment, click the X button located to the right of the "Specify Cells, Columns, or Rows" field in the "Link Region Settings" screen.

1. Note that no system check is performed
2. Key assignment for other dimensions is also acceptable