Member Lists

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A Member List is a selection of members belonging to one dimension, arranged in order. The members included in a Member List are determined at the time of the creation of the Member List according to the "Member List Definition". Therefore, if a member is added or its position is changed within the dimension, this will be reflected in the Member List.

A somewhat special use of Member Lists is to specify certain fiscal years or periods based on the current year/period, such as "Previous Fiscal Year" or "Previous Period", using Fiscal Year Dimension and Relative Period Dimension.

The Member List Definition is created by the Designer.

While Member List Definitions can be included in "Forms" mentioned later, they can also be included in Dimensions for commonly used Member Lists (this is convenient because they can be used from any form).

Each dimension generally has pre-defined Member Lists that are considered commonly used. These are called "Built-in Member Lists". A list of built-in Member Lists is available at List of Member Lists.