Starting/Stopping the Server Program

This manual is in pilot operation.

The server program of fusion_place is initially configured to automatically start and stop with the booting and shutting down of the computer on which it is installed. Therefore, users do not need to manually start or stop the server when beginning or ending their use of fusion_place. Intentional stopping of the server is necessary only in situations such as when backing up the database.

Furthermore, the H2 Database Engine used by fusion_place is not a so-called "high-availability" database engine, which implies continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If operated based on a web server, it is assumed that the server machine will continue running without powering down. However, from this perspective, it is recommended to occasionally stop/restart the server program (if you have a routine backup operation, this will entail stopping/restarting the server program each time). Methods for automating the stop/restart using the command line will also be explained.

Manually Starting/Stopping the Server Program

To start or stop the server, launch the server management tool from the Windows Start menu.

Please select the following item (program) from the Start menu:

All Programs  fusion_place premium (or standard) n.n…  Server Management  s1.fusion_place Server Settings

⇒ The "fusion_place Server Properties" dialog box appears (if error messages are displayed, see Dealing with Issues Launching Server Management Tools).

server properties dialog general v12.2

Starting the Server Program

Click the Start button in the panel above (you cannot click if the server program is already running).

Stopping the Server Program

Click the Stop button in the panel above (you cannot click if the server program is stopped).

Starting/Stopping the Server Program from the Command Line

Using the "sc" command line program in Windows, you can start/stop the fusion_place server from the command line. This feature allows you to automate the stopping and restarting of the server (automatic execution of commands can be managed using Windows Task Manager, etc.).

Starting the Server Program

Enter the following from the command line:

sc start FusionPlace

Stopping the Server Program

Enter the following from the command line:

sc stop FusionPlace

Safely Stopping the Server Program

In fusion_place 7.0, improvements have been made to the process of stopping the server program and database to enhance safety.

Process of Stopping the Server Program

The following describes the process of stopping the server program on Windows. The process involves the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) and the fusion_place server (Tomcat) process:

(1) [SCM] sends a request to stop to the fusion_place process.

(2) [fusion_place] receives the request from (1).

(3) [fusion_place] begins the process for a safe shutdown.

(4) [fusion_place] stops managed threads [1]

(5) [fusion_place] stops the database [2]

(6) [SCM] forces a shutdown if the fusion_place process does not stop within the timeout period [3]

Caution for Long Server Program Stop Times

If there is high data flow and input/output frequency while the server program is running, stopping the H2 database may take a long time. Similarly, data reflection processes in fusion_place might also take a while. If these processes are terminated midway due to service management program timeout or OS shutdown timeout, it might corrupt the database index files[4]. To prevent index file corruption, consider the following:

  • Set SCM’s timeout to unlimited or sufficiently large.

  • Adjust so that SCM’s timeout time  Thread pool termination timeout × 2 + Database shutdown time.

  • Stop the server program before shutting down the OS.

1. Interrupts and waits for termination of managed threads. Interrupted threads perform safe shutdown procedures (like database rollback) and then terminate. Maximum wait time is twice the thread pool termination timeout (default: 5 seconds, can be changed via the environment variable fusionplace/thread_pool_termination_timeout in the Tomcat configuration file).
2. In versions prior to fusion_place 7.0, the database (H2) shutdown was performed simultaneously with step (4).
3. The default is unlimited. However, during Windows shutdown, it may be forcibly terminated regardless of this time due to Windows service system timeout. For more details on the Windows service system, see
4. If index files are corrupted, delete them while the server program is stopped. They will be automatically recreated after the next server program startup. The index file is named "fusionplace.index.db"