Types of Data That Can Be Held in a Ledger

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Data Types

In addition to numeric data, a ledger can also hold non-numeric data. The types of data that a ledger cell can hold are called "Data Types," and there are six types as follows:

Data Type Content


A special data type meaning that no value is held

This is not for holding values but sometimes you want to set up a parent member for grouping several members. In such cases, "None" is specified as the data type for that parent member.

Flow Value

Numeric data that is determined by specifying "from when to when," like sales revenue.

It has precision up to four decimal places, with the maximum and minimum values as follows:
Maximum: 922337203685477.5807 (about 922 trillion)
Minimum: -922337203685477.5808 (about minus 922 trillion)

Balance Value

Numeric data that is determined by specifying "at what point in time," like inventory.

The precision, maximum, and minimum values are the same as for Flow Value.

String Value

Any string data.

⚠ There are some characters that cannot be used (such as some Kanji characters used in names).


A data type that allows only two values, "Yes" and "No".


A data type that can hold one value from a pre-determined list of values.

How to Specify Data Types

There are three ways to specify the data type of a ledger cell:

(1) Specifying with the Data Type of Accounts

It is specified by the "Data Type" property of accounts. This is the only way to specify in a normal ledger.

(2) Specifying with the Data Type of Note Items

In ledgers using Note Item Dimensions, the "Data Type" property of note items (= members of the Note Item Dimension) can be used to determine the data type of a ledger cell.

That is, if the data type of a note item is set to "Dependent on Account (ACCOUNT)," the data type of the account applies to the ledger cell. However, if another data type is specified, the data type of the note item is prioritized and applied to the ledger cell.

(3) Using Note Ledger

A ledger can be designated as a Note Ledger. In a Note Ledger, regardless of the data types of accounts and note items, all cells hold string values.

In the above cases (2) and (3), where the data type becomes "string," the input permission to the change accounts is treated specially according to the original data type of the account. Please refer to Input Permission and Calculation Conditions by Data Type.

(fusion_place >= 12.2) In General Dimension members, data types "Dependent on Account/Note Item (ACCOUNT)" or "None (NONE)" can be set.
In the above cases (1) and (2), the data type of each cell is determined by the account, or a combination of account and note item, but if the data type of the member of the General Dimension, which is the key of that cell, is set to "None (NONE)," then
The data type of the cell becomes:
- If it is a numeric type (either Flow or Balance), the data type of the cell becomes "None (NONE)," and it cannot hold data or accept inputs.
- If it is a non-numeric type (such as String Value), the data type of the account or note item is applied to the cell.