Setup Procedures for Standalone Operation

This manual is in pilot operation.

Step 1. Check the Operating Environment

Refer to "Operating Environment" to ensure the computer where you plan to install fusion_place meets the necessary criteria for use.

As stated in "Operating Environment", installing fusion_place requires an appropriate version of Java to be installed on your computer. The method to check and install Java is included in the setup procedures.

Step 2. Setup

For standalone operation, please set up fusion_place on the target computer by following the procedures below (double-click on the title of each procedure to go to the detailed page).

1. Install Java (Only if not already installed)

Java is foundational software required to run programs written in the Java language. Your computer might already have Java installed. Check if it is installed and, if not, please install it (the method to check is also explained in the linked document).

2. Install fusion_place

Install the fusion_place program using the installer. The fusion_place database will also be created during the installation process.

Access the fusion_place menu page to obtain the [Excel-Link] add-in file and configure the connection settings for [Excel-Link].