Folders and Files

This manual is in pilot operation.

This section introduces the main folders and files used by fusion_place. Note that if you are using a web server base, the descriptions here apply to the server side.

(1) Database Folder

1. Folder Path Name

You can set this during installation. The initial suggested value is as follows:


2. Folder Contents

Within the above folder, there is a subfolder named db, which contains the following files:

File Description

Database body


Database index

(<n> is an integer)

Log data files


Lock file (created only when the database is in use)


Trace data files

Files under the subfolder fusionplace.lobs.db etc.
(File names are ..~.lob.db)

Files that contain data for certain tables
(typically CLOBs and BLOBs)

⚠ Subfolders are created multiple and hierarchically.

(<n> is an integer)

Temporary files

For procedures on backup and restore, see "Backing Up and Restoring the Database".

(2) Installation Folder

1. Folder Path Name (Initial suggested value at installation)

C:\fusion_place-n.n-s999 (The n.n part will be replaced with the actual version number. Similarly, the 999 part will be replaced with the database schema version number.)

2. Folder Contents

The installation folder contains numerous files, but users do not need to manipulate these files.