Loop Specifications


Loop specifications are used when you want to repeat similar columns or rows (or their order). Repetition conditions can be specified using a Member List. Loop specifications can have any number of Column/Row Specifications and Loop Specifications as child elements (i.e., loops can be "nested" to any depth).

The items that can be specified in loop specifications are as follows:

[Repetition Conditions]

Item Setting

Repetition Condition Mandatory

Specifies the list of candidates (loop items) to be repeatedly displayed in the loop in the form of a Member List.

[Display Conditions]

Item Setting

Suppress if no data

Specifies not to display the loop item if all columns (rows) related to an individual loop item have no data (or the value is zero). The default is ON.

Always suppress item selection line[1]

The "item selection line" usually appears to instruct showing items that are not displayed due to lack of data, but if this item is set to ON, it will not be shown. The default is OFF.

Make the item selection line addable in a single action[1]
(fusion_place >= 12.2)

Normally, loop items are selected from a dropdown list, but if this item is ON, the traditional dropdown list is replaced by a "" button. Clicking the "" button adds the next loop item shown at the end of the loop. The default is OFF.

If the last member of the member list underlying the loop is already displayed, the "+" button will not be shown.
If there are undisplayed loop items midway through the loop, a dropdown list style item selection line will be displayed, and if there are no undisplayed loop items, the item selection line will not be shown.

Show item selection line at the top of the loop[1]

The "item selection line" is usually displayed at the end of the loop, but if this item is set to ON, it will be displayed at the beginning of the loop. The default is OFF.

Allow selection of already displayed loop items in the item selection line[1]

Normally, only undisplayed loop items can be selected in the "item selection line", but if this item is set to ON, already displayed loop items can also be selected. The default is OFF.

Using this feature, you can jump to the display area of an already displayed loop item by selecting it in the selection line.

Minimum indent width of row titles

Specifies the minimum width of the loop item title column for this loop in the number of half-width characters. For details, see "Minimum Row Title Indent Width" in Report Format. The default is 0, meaning the "Minimum Row Title Indent Width" specified in the Report Format is applied.

Loop Item Title[1]

Specifies the text expression for the string to be displayed as the loop item title. Multilingual specification is possible. If not specified, the description of the target member of the loop will be displayed.

[Input Conditions]…​ Can only be set for vertical axis loop specifications

Item Setting

Member Criteria Expression[2]

Specifies the condition in a text expression to narrow down which items (loop items) to display in the loop item selection row’s selection field. The syntax of the text expression follows the "Member Criteria Expression" used when defining a Member List.

If this item is not described, no filtering is performed.

filtering is performed.

[Drill-down]…​ Can only be set for vertical axis loop specifications

Drill-down refers to navigating to another form by clicking a loop item that meets specific conditions. Drill-down specifications consist of drill-down executable conditions and target forms, and multiple specifications can be registered. Multiple drill-down specifications are checked from the first for each column/row, and the first drill-down specification that meets the executable condition is applied. Each drill-down specification includes the following items:

Item Setting

Name Mandatory

Specify the name of the drill-down case.

Target Application
( fusion_place >= 12.1 )

Specify the target application for the drill-down. If not specified, this application itself will be used as the drill-down target.
For specific usage methods and restrictions of multi-application drill-down, please refer to Q&A: Multi-Application Drill-down Function Sample.

Target Form

Specify the target form for the drill-down. If not specified, this form itself will be used as the drill-down target.

Drill-down Executable Condition

Describe the condition for determining drill-down feasibility in a text expression. If a text expression is specified here, drill-down is only allowed for loop items for which the evaluation result of the text expression is True (meaning the loop title becomes clickable). If no text expression is specified, drill-down is always possible.

1. These setting items can only be set for vertical axis loop specifications.
2. This narrows down the options displayed in the selection field, not the rows included in the loop. That is, even loop items that do not match the selection criteria will have their rows displayed if there is data to show (or if "Suppress if no data" is off).