Import Processing Log

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The process of import is output as a processing log to a file. The filename is automatically assigned to ensure no overlap with existing filenames, so there is no risk of overwriting previous processing log files by executing import processes.

File Format

The file is in CSV format (comma-separated values). The first line is the header row, and the subsequent lines are content rows. The newline character is LF (Line Feed).

The header row outputs labels identifying each item in the content rows.

Content rows are output twice for each piece of import data (valid rows in the import file) and for each value field defined in the import specification, if any. The first entry holds the 'pre-conversion values' for each field, and the second holds the 'post-conversion values'.

This format is designed to be easily loaded into Microsoft Excel and allows for sorting and extracting data in Excel.

Item Descriptions

The contents of each row’s items are as follows:

Item (Column)

Item Content in Header Row
(Item Label)

Item Content in Content Row

Pre-conversion Data

Post-conversion Data

Line Number


A serial number assigned to the import data [1]

Value Field Label [2]


Label of the value field being imported

Before/After Division


Fixed value "1.BEFORE"

Fixed value "2.AFTER"

Field Value ×n

Label of Each Field

Pre-conversion value of each field

Post-conversion value of each field



Post-conversion value of the value field being imported
(namely, the value being imported)

Cell Value Before Update


Value of the target cell
(before update by the import data originating this log data)

Cell Value After Update


Value of the target cell
(after update by the import data originating this log data)



A code indicating the severity of the exception, if any, that occurred during the processing of the import data originating this log data [3]. Empty if no exception occurred.

⚠ The number and order of "Field Value" columns are as follows:

  • For simplified forms, "Field Value" columns follow the order of the input data’s key fields, followed by dimensions arranged in the "Background", sorted in ascending order of "Sequence" (and in ascending order of dimension label if sequences are the same).

  • For full-featured forms, "Field Value" columns are repeated for the number of fields defined in the import specification. The order is as defined in the import specification.

1. The same line number is assigned to both pre-conversion and post-conversion data related to one piece of import data. Line numbers are also assigned to blank lines.
2. The value field label is output only if value fields are explicitly defined in the import specification.
3. Severity levels are set in ascending order of severity: INFO, WARNING, ERROR. Please also refer to the explanation in "The Mechanism of Import Processing" under "Exception Handling".