Note Ledger

Designer Administrator
This manual is in pilot operation.

Designers can designate a ledger as a "Note Ledger". In a Note Ledger, regardless of the "Data Type" property value of the accounts, the data type for all cells becomes "string value". Note Ledgers can be used to store comments on numerical values.

Instead of aggregating data, Note Ledgers allow data entry for cells related to aggregate members.

However, similar to regular ledgers, in relative period dimensions, the data value for an aggregation period is considered identical to the data value for the last leaf period of that aggregation period.

For instance, in the standard definition of relative periods consisting of 12 months/4 quarters, a note for the 3rd quarter is considered as a note for the 9th month, the last leaf period of that quarter.

As a mechanism to hold comment strings, apart from Note Ledgers, the "Note Item" dimension method can be used. See "Types of Data Held in Ledgers" for reference.