Operating Modes of fusion_place - Standalone and Web Server-Based

This manual is in pilot operation.

fusion_place can be operated both as a standalone base and on a web server base.

Operating Mode Description Setup and System Operation

Standalone Base

An operating mode where fusion_place is used on a single personal computer.

Can be done by end-users without bothering system administrators (however, see below).

Web Server-Based

An operating mode where fusion_place’s program and database are placed on a server machine, and used from multiple terminals (personal computers).

Some involvement of system administrators is necessary for installing programs on the server machine.

Organizations such as companies may apply strict security policies regarding the use of personal computers. In such cases, even for standalone bases, setup may require support from system administrators. Specific cases include:

  • When installing software on personal computers requires permission from system administrators

  • When altering the contents of a personal computer’s registry is prohibited (fusion_place only changes registry contents at the time of installation). For more details, see "Registry Information Updated by fusion_place".
    The registry is a database where configuration information for personal computers is stored. Every Microsoft Windows-based personal computer has a registry.

In the case of Web Server-Based, the fusion_place client program is automatically distributed from the server, so there is no need to install fusion_place on client machines (however, it is necessary to install the foundational software called "fusion_place execution environment"). Also, it is necessary to incorporate the Excel add-in file for [Excel-Link] into Excel.