What is fusion_place?

This manual is in pilot operation.

fusion_place is a software that supports the entire business process of management control, incorporating user-designed Excel sheets as the frontend, while at its core is a multi-dimensional database that can be updated and aggregated in real time. Management control [1] is thus facilitated across its full spectrum.

Examples of "management control activities" include:

  • Creation, aggregation, and compilation of budgets

  • Monthly budget and actual management

  • End-of-period financial forecasting

  • Financial closing activities (creating B/S, P/L, etc., based on the general ledger)

  • Collection and aggregation of sales forecast quantities

Management control activities consist of a sequence of processes from data integration from related systems, input of supplementary data and data processing, to the creation and provision of reporting materials with Excel.

fusion_place is designed with these characteristics of management control activities in mind, equipped with functions not only for searching and displaying but also supporting the series of processes mentioned above.

【Management Control Activities】

Entities, including corporations, plan to effectively carry out their activities, compare and analyze business performance against plans, and make adjustments to business activities as needed. Insights gained from analysis may also be incorporated into the next plan. This cycle is executed at various organizational levels, such as individual departments, participants, and the entire company, and planning and reporting include various figures and amounts reflecting the results of activities, in addition to specific activities content.

Thus, the entire system that plans organizational activities with numerical and financial data, understands, analyzes, and reports business performance, and reflects it in actions, is called the "management control system." This includes not only IT systems but also various systems for management control, definitions of responsibilities and roles in business, and business processes.

1. By "management control," we include not only managerial accounting but also financial accounting reporting.