This manual is in pilot operation.

The appearance of full-featured forms can be changed by specifying the components described in "Form Components". We will explain how to specify these components for different purposes.

Page Size, Orientation, and Margins

This can be specified in "Report Format".

Content of Page Headers

The page header automatically displays the document name and Parameter Values. If the parameters include Fiscal Year and Relative Periods, they will be displayed on the top right of the page, while other parameters will be displayed left-aligned under the document name. These display methods cannot be changed.

Additionally, the Unit Indication can be included in the page header. Please specify this in "Report Format". The position of the Unit Indication is fixed outside the top right of the data display area and cannot be changed.

Unit Indication

Please refer to the "Content of Page Headers" section above.

Grid Lines

Grid lines are drawn for columns and rows, but the display of grid lines for specific columns (or rows) can be suppressed. Please use the "Suppress borders" option included in the "Column/Row Display Rule" in "Column/Row Specification".

Content of Column Titles

This can be specified in the "Column/Row Titles" item included in the "Column/Row Display Rule" in "Column Specification".

Number of Lines in Column Titles

This can be specified in "Report Format".

Column Width

The column width is automatically adjusted to accommodate the maximum number of digits in the amounts/numbers that can be displayed, based on the "Format pattern" included in the "Display/editing methods for amounts/numbers" in both the relevant "Column Specification" and "Cell Specification".

Content of Row Titles

This can be specified in the "Column/Row Titles" item included in the "Column/Row Display Rule" in "Row Specification".

It is also possible to not display the row title section at all. If you wish to do this, please check "Suppress row titles" in "Report Format" (instead, use Text Expressions in the first few columns to display items that serve as row headings).

Display Content of Vertical Axis Loop Titles

This can be specified in "Display Condition > Loop item title" in "Loop Specification".

Row Title Width and Indent Width within Loops

This can be specified in "Report Format". Additionally, the "Minimum row title indent" in the "Display Condition" of "Loop Specification" allows for individual specification of row title indent width.

Display/Hide Repeating Items in Loops

By default, if there is no data for a specific repeating item in a loop, the column (or row) corresponding to that repeating item is hidden. If you wish to display the column (or row) even when there is no data, please uncheck the "Suppress if no data" checkbox in the loop specification.

⚠ For forms used as input screens, it is recommended to always uncheck the "Suppress if no data" checkbox for loops included in the horizontal axis (columns). If left checked, it could prevent data entry in columns that are initially hidden.
For the vertical axis (rows), if there are hidden repeating items, a selection box (combo box) will be displayed on the screen to allow the selection and display of those items, so the aforementioned consideration is unnecessary.

Display/Hide Row for Selecting Loop Items

In loops where not all repeating items are displayed, a blank row with a selection field (attached to a magnifying glass icon) is shown by default for selecting hidden repeating items. By checking "Protect cells" in "Report Format", you can hide this row (note that this makes the report read-only).

Display Header Items for Row Loops Not as Separate Rows but as Part of the First Detail Row

In row-direction loops that include multiple detail rows, a header row is displayed by default for each loop (a row that displays only the names of loop items). By selecting "Show loop items in the first detail row" in the "Row-wise loop layout" in "Report Format", header rows will not be displayed, and instead, the names of loop items will be displayed in the left column of the first detail row’s titles.

Suppressing Display of Specific Columns/Rows

To always suppress the display of specific columns (or rows) regardless of data presence, this can be specified in the "Column/Row Display Rule" in "Column Specification & Row Specification" using the "Suppress this column/row" option.

Formatting of Amounts/Numbers