Parameter Specifications

This manual is in pilot operation.

For some dimensions, it is possible to display a prompt before actually displaying reports/screens, prompting the user to select members. This mechanism that allows the selection of dimension members is called parameters.

Multiple parameters can be specified (it is also fine not to specify any or to specify just one). Each parameter corresponds to one dimension.

For each parameter, specify the target dimension, the list of parameter values to be displayed as options, and the parameter title.

Item Mandatory Description

・Parameter Dimension

Specify the target dimension for setting the parameter.

・Member List Criteria

Specify the list of parameter values from which the user can choose, in the form of a Member List[1].

・Parameter Title

A string to explain the meaning of the item to be specified as a parameter in a way that is understandable to the user. It’s a multilingual string.

It is not necessary to specify a Parameter Title. If no Parameter Title is specified, the name of the Dimension will be displayed instead.

1. This refers to the Member List related to the specified Parameter Dimension.