Specifications / Limitations

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The specifications and limitations for data items and data counts that can be used in fusion_place are as follows:

Category Item Specifications / Limitations

Item Attributes

Label (Code used for identifying various objects)

Up to 20 characters.

Uppercase letters (Labels can be specified in lowercase anywhere, but lowercase is interpreted as uppercase), numbers, spaces, commas, and single quotes among other special characters [1].

More details here.

Ledger Edition Key

Up to 200 characters, using characters allowed in Labels.

More details here.


Up to 100 characters (regardless of full-width or half-width). Some characters cannot be used (such as some personal name kanji)[2]. Names can be given in both Japanese and English.

More details here.

Numbers / Amounts

Precision up to 4 decimal places, with the following maximum and minimum values:

Maximum value: 922,337,203,685,477.5807

Minimum value: -922,337,203,685,477.5808

(Approximately minus to plus 922 trillion)

Strings as data values in ledgers

No length limit. Some characters cannot be used (such as some personal name kanji)[2].

Data Counts


Dimensions, ledgers, and other objects have unique labels. Therefore, the number of objects that can be registered is limited by the length of the labels and the constraints on the characters that can be used in them.

Dimension Member

The maximum number of members within a single dimension is 2,147,483,647.

Key Combinations in Ledgers

The maximum number of ledger cell[3] combinations (labels of dimension members), excluding the dimensions "Scenario", "Fiscal Year", "Relative Periods", and "Views", within a single ledger is 2,147,483,648.

1. Labels starting with # are reserved for special purposes and cannot be used for objects registered by users
2. To be precise, Unicode character set can be used for names and data values stored in the ledger, excluding "surrogate characters"
3. Excluding aggregate cells.