Form Lists

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Form lists bundle multiple forms together. A form must always be contained within one form list. Both simple and full-featured forms can be included in a form list.

Each form list must have a unique label within the application. Note that form labels must be unique within the application, not just within the form list.

Form List Permission Table

In Secured Applications, the "Form List Permission Table" can be used (but is not mandatory). By using the Form List Permission Table, it is possible to specify which form lists are available to each type of Participant based on their Access Permission Type (form lists and access permission types can be registered in a many-to-many relationship).

The Form List Permission Table applies only to the form selection screen in the "Inquiry/Reports" tab for [Contributor] and [Browser]. The combination of form lists applied to Process Definitions and the Submission Routes registered with the Participant responsible for that process definition are not bound by the permission table. Also, checks by the permission table do not apply to forms targeted by drill-downs from another form.