Notice Function

This manual is in pilot operation.
In applications of the Workgroup Type, the Notice function is not available.

A Notice is an object on fusion_place that represents information you want to convey to users. It’s possible to set the destination of a Notice as a Participant, and it will notify the user accounts set under Participant Authorities. Moreover, it’s possible to notify all users irrespective of the Participant. Users can access Notices from either [Contributor] or [Browser].

On the Notice list screen, Notices are arranged in order of newest update time ([Contributor] or [Browser] can also access it from the menu). The latest Notices screen, displayed at the startup of [Contributor] or [Browser], shows the most recently updated Notice.

Importing and Exporting Notice Destinations (Participants)

Importing Notice Destinations

It is possible to add, update, or delete Notice destinations (Participants) in bulk based on the data registered in an Excel sheet.


  • Import Notice destinations (Participants) from the clipboard

Format of Importable Data

The import process takes data from an Excel sheet via the clipboard. Specifically, you copy the range that contains the settings from an Excel sheet to the clipboard and import it to the Participant editing screen. Each item on the sheet is written in its column.

The following details the format of data that can be imported. If you find it difficult to understand, try exporting existing destinations (Participants) to an Excel sheet and pasting it. The exported data can be imported as is, following the rules below.

General Rules on Notation

Case is not sensitive.

Rules on the Order of Rows

The range to be copied on the Excel sheet starts with one "Header Row," followed by any number of "Detail Rows." The Header Row indicates the meaning of each field in the Detail Rows. Detail Rows represent the content of adding or updating for one destination (Participant). You can place empty rows at any position within the range to be copied. Empty rows are simply ignored.

Rules regarding the arrangement of Header and Detail Rows are as follows:

  1. The first (non-empty) row within the range must be a Header Row.

  2. After the Header Row, you can place any number of Detail Rows. The arrangement of fields in these Detail Rows must follow the order indicated in the preceding Header Row.

  3. Within the range, multiple Header Rows can appear.

  4. Each Detail Row represents the content of adding or updating for one destination (Participant). Multiple Detail Rows for a single Participant are allowed. In such cases, these Detail Rows are processed in the order they appear on the sheet.

Rules on Header Row Content

The Header Row consists of the fields listed in the table below.

Field Name Mandatory Number of Fields Field Position Specification (Field Symbol)



Always the first field


Record Type


Always the second field

Fixed value HDR




Fixed value LABEL




Fixed value SELECTED

The command ADD_OR_UPDATE_NOTICE_RECIPIENT indicates that the following Detail Rows are instructions for adding or updating destinations.

The record type HDR indicates that this row is a Header Row.

Among the fields, only Command, Record Type, and Label are always necessary. Others can be added or omitted as needed.

The order of fields other than Command and Record Type is arbitrary.

Rules on Detail Row Content

In Detail Rows, appropriate values are specified for each field designated in the Header Row. Therefore, each Detail Row must have the same number of fields as the preceding Header Row. The fields in a Detail Row correspond to those in the Header Row in the order they appear. The specified values for each field in a Detail Row are as follows.

Field Name Specification (Field Value)


Specify the same command as in the preceding Header Row

Record Type

Fixed value DTL
Indicates this row is a Detail Row.


The label of the destination (target Participant) each row is adding or updating.


Specify TRUE to include the target Participant in the destination, or FALSE to exclude it.

Exporting Notice Destinations

You can paste the settings of all destinations in the format described above for import into an Excel sheet (by exporting the data to the clipboard and then pasting it from the clipboard into an Excel sheet). You can modify this sheet’s content and re-import it.


  • Export Notice destinations (Participants) to the clipboard