Member Types and Maintenance Responsibility

Designer Administrator
This manual is in pilot operation.

Based on the location of maintenance responsibility, members are classified into the following three types:

Member Type Location of Maintenance Responsibility

System Reserved Member

fusion_place software provider (Fusions Inc.)

Template Member


User-Defined Member


System Reserved Members are members pre-established by the vendor (Fusions Inc.) to grant each dimension special functions as deemed necessary.

Template Members are members set up by designers to express the intent of the design. For example, if a report design assumes that accounts have a certain hierarchical structure, template members are used to represent that structure. The "design intent" expressed by template members is considered a system design premise that does not change during normal business operations.

Within the framework of the hierarchical structure formed by system reserved members and template members, administrators can register User-Defined Members. This allows administrators to reflect in the dimensions the realities of organizations, accounts, and other management targets that change over time through business operations.

Additionally, by enabling "Template Member Label Constraints" and registering name patterns that can be used for Template Members, it is possible to control so that User-Defined Members cannot be registered by administrators.