What Are Text Expressions?

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Text expressions are a simple language for formulae. In designing applications with fusion_place, text expressions are used in various places. They are often used to assemble display text, which is why they are named "text expressions," but they can also be used for other purposes such as numerical calculations and conditional judgments.

Purposes and Locations of Text Expressions

The purposes and locations of text expression usage are as follows:

Purpose Object Used Location

Describing member selection criteria

Member List

  • "Member Criteria Expression"

Specifying ledger areas

Ledger Mask

  • "Mask Condition Expression"

Access Permission

  • "Read/Write Permission Area Definition Expression"

Describing how to
create display text


  • "Unit Display" in "Report Format"

  • "Column/Row Specification" of "Column/Row Title"

  • "File Header" in Export Specification


  • "Link Area Setting"

Describing numerical calculation conditions etc., based on ledger data


  • "Calculation Formula" in "Column/Row Specification"

  • "Calculation Formula" in "Cell Specification"

  • "Validation Rule" and "Message" in "Validation Rule" of "Cell Specification"

  • "Condition to enable drill-down" in "Column/Row Specification" and "Cell Specification"

Describing conversion methods during data import


  • "Calculation Expression" for each field in "Import Specification"

Dialects of Text Expressions

Depending on the "Location" mentioned above, there are slight differences in the specifications of text expressions. These differences are referred to as "dialects" of text expressions. Examples of differences due to dialects include:

  • Differences in the types of objects specified by label constants. In general dialects, dimension objects are specified, while in member selection expressions, properties of the member being inspected are specified, and in field value calculation expressions, fields with the respective label are specified.

  • Differences in available objects. "Cell range specifiers" are for specifying cell ranges in documents created based on forms, so they cannot be used outside forms (and even in forms, their usage is limited). Field objects can only be used in form field value calculation expressions.

  • Differences in available functions.

Dialects will be discussed as they come up. Also, refer to the list of text expression dialects for more details.