Change History for fusion_place 12.2.x

This manual is in pilot operation.



Changes in this release ( are as follows:

New Features & Improvements

Adding Loop Rows with a Single Action

(@sugimoto-kei, @KimuraMayumi, #552)

In the form screen, loop rows can now be added with a mouse click.

Member Property "Data Type/#DATA_TYPE"

(@sugimoto-kei, @chaip-taka, @miwako-takemoto, #575, #596)

The member property Data Type/#DATA_TYPE for general dimensions has been introduced. The selectable data type values are as follows:

  • Dependent on account/note items /ACCOUNT

  • None /NONE

With Data Type/#DATA_TYPE, it becomes possible to set up members simply for grouping within each dimension.

Setting the data type of the member to None allows for the registration of multiple member trees under it, even if there are duplicate members between those member trees.

Virtual Member "#TOTAL"

(@sugimoto-kei, @KimuraMayumi, #579, #580)

The virtual dimension member #TOTAL has been introduced. Accessing #TOTAL allows for the retrieval of the total numerical sum of all members.

Replacement of reload4j with SLF4J and logback

(@77web, @iteman, @chaip-taka, @miwako-takemoto, #537)

Logging output by reload4j (a package with vulnerability fixes for log4j 1.2.17) has been replaced with SLF4J and logback.

This replacement changes the server and client-side log configuration files from the previous to logback.xml.

Additionally, the log output destination for the H2 database has been changed from fusionplace.trace.db in the same directory as the previous database to fusionplace-stdout.YYYY-MM-DD.log in the Tomcat log directory.

Concurrently, the file names of the server-side log files for the day before and earlier have been changed from fusionplace.log.YYYY-MM-DD to fusionplace.YYYY-MM-DD.log.

For details, please refer to Viewing Log Files.

Related to this, there are changes to the connection URL in our provided Tomcat configuration file server.xml. If you have customized the server configuration file, please reset elements and configuration values as written on the following page:


In addition to the above, the following new features and improvements are included:

  • Security measures through HTTP headers (@77web, #566)

  • Improvements to the "Update Means" content of the ledger update history for scripting and Web-API import processes (@sugimoto-kei)

  • Expansion of support for the ledger edition object Editions (@sugimoto-kei, @chaip-taka, #636)

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • [Manager] Unable to specify the fiscal year in filtering criteria for ledger update history. (@sugimoto-kei, @chaip-taka, #584)

  • [Browser] [Contributor] Entering a value exceeding the maximum in a form converts it to a strange number, and it can be saved as is. (@sugimoto-kei, @KimuraMayumi, #491)

  • Script execution error message parameters are not replaced. (@iteman, #642)

  • [Contributor] The parameter value of the base form is not used when saving package input data. (@iteman, @takayuki-ohashi, #637)

  • Subsequent processes time out after referencing a large amount of ledger edition update history. (@sugimoto-kei, @chaip-taka, #625)

Client Component Update Information

The versions of client-side software components included in this release, and the necessity of updates for each component due to the fusion_place server update ( are as follows:



Update Required? (YES/no)


fusion_place Runtime Environment (FRE)